Wednesday Angels

Wednesday Angels is a Bible Study program for children and youth up to age 15.  

The goal of this class is for our "future generation" to have a complete understanding of the Bible and it's teachings.

This is being done through Bible stories, art & craft activities, music, games, and Bible verse memorization.  Each Wednesday night, the children are given a Bible verse to memorize or a Bible Study activity to be completed by the following Wednesday night.  

Each child's accomplishments are  recognized through the issuance of a Certificate, a happy face on our study chart, and a prize from our "Angel's Treasures" box.

After 15 accomplishments, each child receives a Gold Medal and a Special Prize.  These are given in front of our Congregation  so everyone can praise and congratulate our "Angels" for their success!

I believe this kind of recognition strengthens a child's self-esteem
and encourages them as they prepare for the next  3 months of
Bible Studies.

If you have any questions regarding our Wednesday Angels program, please e-mail me by clicking my signature on this page.  I will get back to you within 2 days.

Our class would love to have your "angels" become our "Angels".

Bonnie Thomas
Wednesday Angels Leader

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